Financially Free

1:1 support for women stepping into their independence.

Helping you make important financial decisions during divorce that will support you for the rest of your life.

You are about to be divorced or are recently divorced and didn’t think you’d be starting over. Yet, here you are. On top of the fear and sadness, you’re probably feeling frustrated with the uncertainty. You’re probably feeling sad about potential losses, both financial and otherwise. And you also have to work through the deep disappointment that you feel right now.

Dealing with the financial side of things – organizing records, financial planning, investment management, tracking assets, numbers you’ve honestly never really had to look at before, is the last thing you want to be dealing with right now. You are already drained and going through so much.

Take a deep breath…

You are not alone.. I am here to help you handle all the details and get you on track for a healthy financial future.

Working together in Financially Free will take the stress and overwhelm away, so you can feel empowered as you move forward. Relax knowing you will have guidance and a trusted resource ensuring you make the financial decisions that are right for you and that your financial journey after divorce is as painless as possible.

We need to know where you stand today so that we can plan for tomorrow.
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What We Will Discuss

The brave, independent woman within is ready to claim her worth & wealth.
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