Divorce Financial Planning Program

Financial education during or after divorce.

You’re going through divorce or are recently divorced. You have investments of at least $1 Million but you’re not quite sure what that means for your financial future.

Maybe you had a financial plan with your ex-husband but don’t have one of your own. You have no idea what settlement options you have and how to manage it all.

The thought of dealing with your finances is stressing you out. Trying to navigate what you’re fighting for in divorce is confusing and overwhelming.

I’ve got you.

My goal is to provide a clear plan for making important financial decisions so that you and your financial future are set up for success.

You are becoming financially independent – step into your new identity with confidence and clarity.

Questions & Concerns We Will Cvver

Let me help you move from fearful insecurity to confident control.

Price: $1,000 Planning Fee